Author: Murat Yazıcı
Date: 13 June 2019

A 88 yo female, was intubated with indication of agonal respiration on arrive and brought by EMS ambulance.
Complain: Shortness of breath before calling to EMS.
First vitals at ED: BP: 40/20 mmHg, SO2: 99%.
PoCUS performed by EP:
1. Enlarged right atrium +,
2. Moderate tricuspid regurgitation +,
3. Dilated IVC +,
4. Bilateral multiple B-lines in each intercostal space + (= White Lung)
5. Intraabdominal free fluid +.
Tricuspid regurgitation + Alveolar Pulmonary Edema+?.
Hospitalized in ICU.
* Reminder for IVC; Collapsibility index (CI) is essential in differential diagnosis of patients while breathing spontaneously; The reasons of increased right ventricular pressure, cause decreasing of CI. In contrast to, Distensibility Index (DI) has to be evaluated in patients on positive pressure ventilation


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