Dear All Members Of  Emergency Medicine In The World!

A different usage area of bedside ultrasonography is the "Teleradiology and Focused Assessment of Sonography in Trauma Workshop in the Naval Operational Environment" was held in the programme of the 8th Naval Operational Medical Conference in Besiktas, Istanbul on 17-20 October 2017, by our Ultrasound Working Group (EMATUS) on behalf of the Emergency Medicine Association Of Turkey .

The instructors were Dr.Ozlem Dikme,MD,  Ozgur Dikme,MD and Ozgur Cevrim,MD.

There were a total of  24 trainees of physicians, members of Naval Forces, including Diving Practioners, Underwater and Hyperbaric Physicians, Family Physicians.

The titles were Ultrasonography Physics, Teleradiology, Extended-FAST, Point Of Care Ultrasonography In Abdominal Pain .

Thankful to our trainees for their devoted participations. Moreover of our classical basic and advanced point of care ultrasonography trainings, EMATUS will continue to share the trainings in emergency point of care ultrasonography with different imaging areas in different branches via the instutional invitations in our country and all over the world with honour.

Hold on with us!

To walk in the future by emergency point of care ultrasonography!



Best Regards 

Ozlem Dikme,MD, Dept EM, Koc University, Istanbul,Turkey.

Asc.Prof. Aslihan Yuruktumen Unal,MD, Dept EM, Akdeniz University, Antalya,Turkey.

Emergency Medicine Association Of Turkey Ultrasonography Working Group

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Authors: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Attending · 24 January 2018