EMATUS is racing


All Health Professionals providing the Emergency Medicine and Critical Care

Surprise gifts will be presented on June 28 with honor of the first year of tatdus.org, the website of EMATUS group.

  • A free EMAT Course to the winner of the competition held
  • A discounted EMAT Course to the second one.
  • Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasonography will be presented to the third one.

Competition procedure: By drawing

Conditions of the competition;

  • Being a health staff (Physician, Medical School Students, Paramedic, Nurse, EMT)
  • Right is not transferable
  • Choosing of the desired course is available
  • A free course is available in 1 year
  • The right will be canceled in not attendancy to the chosen course
  • The competition will be announced both via e-bulletin and on the website one week prior
  • The draw will be held on June 29, 2017 in the presence of at least two TATDUS members,
  • The draw results will be shared on the website on June 30, 2017


To join to the competition;

Draw will be held among the health staff share via any text, image, video on Emergency Ultrasound with the tag #tatdusorg, on twitter, facebook or instagram on June 28, 2017 .


From Anywhere In The World!


Thrilled for your honorable participation!


Good Luck!



@TrEmatus for tweet/face

@trematus for instagram



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Authors: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Asst. Prof. · 24 January 2018