Best Regards to All Emergency Medicine in the World!

Dear Members of Emergency Medicine,


Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey Ultrasound Working Group (TATDUS) has successfully completed a two-day Advanced Ultrasonography Course that comprises of 8 hours of theoretical and 8 hours of practical lectures with the attendence of physicians from many different institutions, from all over Turkey. The course took place on December 20-21, 2018 in Antalya at the meeting hall of Department of Medical Education, Akdeniz University and was hosted by Department of Emergency Medicine, Akdeniz University.

It has been instructed by Prof. Aslıhan Yürüktümen Ünal, MD; Özgür Çevrim, MD; Ekrem Musalar, MD; Burcu Azapoğlu, MD; Alten Oskay, MD; Deniz Kılıç, MD; Süleyman İbze, MD; and Ramazan Sivil, MD.

We appreciate our instructors for their devotion and all trainees for their great interest.


Hope to meet you at any time anywhere by TATDUS


Yours Sincerely,

Volkan Arslan, MD.

Assoc. Prof. Funda Karbek Akarca, MD

Course Calendar

Authors: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Asst. Prof. · 24 January 2018