Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure and honor to invite you to the “Symposium of Ultrasonography on Emergency and Critically Ill Patient” that will be held in Antalya Sherwood Breezes Hotel on February 22-24,2019.


Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey Ultrasound Working Group had established as a subgroup within Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey in 2008 and have aimed to learn clinical ultrasonography focused on patient and to share these with every clinician.

This growing huge family, to increase this sharing, have held an over of 150 training courses, and with these courses reached not only to Emergency Physicians but all clinicians in intensive care, internal medicine, pediatrics, neurology, general surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, physical therapy, and anatomy.

In this way, walking all together to the future, more than 2500 physicians have participated and met to clinical ultrasonography, have completed the theoric and practical training in TATDUS courses.

TATDUS has more than 50 instructors, participated in ultrasonography titled sections of various symposiums and congresses in the last 10 years and has held ultrasonography competitions for 5 years. And has published manuscripts and books in this process. TATDUS has presented sharings to health circle of the whole world both in Turkish and English by website 2 years ago.

The usage area of ultrasonography on emergency and critically ill patient have raised and enlarged in recent years. This adventure has started by FAST and is going on to expand within many different areas as advanced cardiac evaluations, musculoskeletal, interventional. Expanded titles and studies have made a great experience.

We have planned “Symposium of Ultrasonography on Emergency and Critically Ill Patient” according to the current clinical applications and the most scientific results. There will be shared the use of ultrasonography in patient care routinely, novelties and developments of it, the main essential points of researches, and many more issues on critically ill patients.

Hope you enjoy that you will find everything you looking for at this science feast, has intensive theoric and practical programmes on clinical ultrasound in a decent and amazing symposium with full of fun and surprises.

Yours sincerely

Asc.Prof. Funda Karbek Akarca, M.D.   , Symposium President  

Prof.Ersin Aksay, M.D., TATD President


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Authors: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Asst. Prof. · 24 January 2018