Emergency Medicine Association of Turkey, USG Work Group (EMATUS) aims to improve use and diversity of bedside ultrasonography assessment by emergency physicians and to standardize the use of USG with a view to provide diagnostic solutions and quickness at emergency services for 24h/7d. Within this purpose, EMATUS works on,

  1. Improvement of bedside ultrasonography trainings in emergency medicine curriculum and standardization of the trainings in all educational institutions,
  2. Encouraging and implementing scientific studies (single/multi-centered) on bedside ultrasonography,
  3. Developing policies and guides on standardization of record and tracking of bedside USG use and assessment,
  4. Presenting and providing authentic printed and online resources in native language for bedside USG users
  5. Conducting multi-disciplinary studies and supporting present studies in order to improve patient care and communication and develop different areas of expertize on use of ultrasonography.
  6. Carrying out training sessions at different levels and variety for Emergency Medicine Physicians, Emergency Medicine Residents and all physicians serving at emergency medicine. 

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Authors: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Asst. Prof. · 24 January 2018