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Integration of Point-of-care Ultrasound During Rapid Sequence Intubation in Trauma Resuscitation
Murat Yazıcı, Resident
12 September 2018
Right Ventricular Dysfunction After Resuscitation Predicts Poor Outcomes in Cardiac Arrest Patients Independent of Left Ventricular Function
Emre Özlüer, Asst. Prof.
1 July 2018
Emergency Bedside Ultrasound For The Diagnosis Of Pediatric Intussusception: A Retrospective Review
Emre Özlüer, Asst. Prof.
14 November 2017
The FAST D protocol: A simple method to rule out traumatic vascular injuries of the lower extremities
Betül Gülalp, Prof.
25 October 2017
Splenic Doppler Resistive Index For Early Detection Of Occult Hemorrhagic Shock After Polytrauma In Adult Patients
Emre Özlüer, Asst. Prof.
20 August 2017
Ways Opened To Life - The Silence of Vascularities
Betül Gülalp, Prof.
3 August 2017
Is pneumoperitoneum the terra ignota in ultrasonography?
Volkan Arslan, Attending
20 April 2017
In Patients Presenting To The Emergency Department With Skin And Soft Tissue Infections; What Is The Diagnostic Accuracy Of Point-Of-Care Ultrasonography For The Diagnosis Of Abscess Compared To The Current Standard Of Care? A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis
Emre Özlüer, Asst. Prof.
20 February 2017
Simplified Point-Of-Care Ultrasound Protocol To Confirm Central Venous Catheter Placement: A Prospective Study & Usage Of Emergency Ultrasound In Emergency Departments of Community Hospitals in Arizona
Volkan Arslan, Attending
7 February 2017

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