Founding members of EMATUS, which started its works in 2008 in accordance with scientific and social aims on use of bed side ultrasonography at emergency medicines, are Dr. A. Yürüktümen Ünal, Dr. F. Karbek Akarca, Dr. N. Ergün Acar, Dr. C. Ertan, Dr. A. Sebe, Dr. İ. Kılıçaslan, Dr. M.N. Bozdemir and Dr. S. Söyüncü. The first postgraduate training for Emergency Medicine specialists and assistants was held on 27 April 2008 in Training Hospital of Bezm-i Alem Foundation Group. In addition to postgraduate trainings for Emergency Medicine specialists and assistants through clinical scenarios since its foundation, multi-disciplinary cooperation have been carried out for specialist physicians in critical and emergency patient management with Neurocritical Care Association, Society of Intensive Care for Internal and Surgical Medicine, Society of Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine and Family Physicians. EMATUS achieved to present Emergency US Basic Course Book (2009) and Emergency US Pocket Atlas (2014) in Turkish available for specialists and research assistants.

By the organization of group has provided web-based open educational resources , there have been multi-centered researches carried out and  ongoing studies in original printed resources not completed,yet.

Former Presidents - Secretaries:

2018 - 2019 Dr. Funda Karbek Akarca - Dr. Volkan Arslan

2016 - 2017 Dr. Aslıhan Yürüktümen Ünal - Dr. Özlem Dikme

2014 - 2015 Dr. Murat Yeşilaras - Dr. Özgür Çevrim      

2011 - 2013 Dr. Funda Karbek Akarca        

2008 - 2010 Dr. Aslıhan Yürüktümen Ünal

Course Calendar

Authors: Mehmet Ali Aslaner, Asst. Prof. · 24 January 2018